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Down to the Details

Editing (or post-production) is where all of your footage comes together to tell a story. Shots are logged, video is color corrected, and music is added to bring the entire production to life. It's a very exciting process. It's also very rewarding to see the finished project upon completion.

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Precise Production

Mach 5 Mediaâ„¢ will edit your footage to your specifications. Need an English and a Spanish version ? No problem. We stress to impress and get your project done quickly.

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Spice it up with SPFX

Today's advertising messages rely heavily on SPFX, or special effects. You have to get the viewer's attention right away. Mach 5 is highly proficient in Adobe After Effects and other software to make your production stand out.

High Definition

Speak your Message

Quality voice-overs are integral to a production. Mach 5 Media uses only the top talent in the Tampa Bay area. All our voice-over announcers have years of experience in either television or radio. You won't get "Amateur Hour" with us.

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We can encode your final product to play High Definition, as well as on YouTube or the iPod. Distribution has never been easier in "The Information Age".