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The shoot is the most important day of your production. Scripting is complete and it's time to bring life to those words on paper. Mistakes made on the shoot can add hours to correct in post-production.

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Be Prepared

Mach 5 Mediaâ„¢ will have a shot for shot list ready before the shoot day. Talent will know their lines and lights will be set for maximum coverage. A monitor is on set so you can see every take as it happens. Everything is in place for a successful shoot.

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Take 2 (and 3 and 4 . . . )

With all the production pieces in place, it all comes down to getting the perfect take. We'll make sure that every scene has a good take & one for safety. For those live events that cannot be re-done, camera placement is critical. Mach 5 Media will place the camera in the right spot to capture the action and not disrupt the proceedings.

High Definition

High Def to Standard Def

We can shoot on any format, from high definition 1080i to mini-DV. Clients should shoot on the highest quality format available to preserve every detail. You can compress the video down in post-production.

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We provide the resources to make your final product outstanding. If that calls for two or three cameras on location, we'll have them ready. Multiple angles from different cameras give you more choices in the edit suite.